Angel City: A driver leaving Los Angeles for good in his classic car, has second thoughts when he starts seeing the same beautiful girl throughout the city of angels.









Pee Sitting Down: In this quirky dark comedy, bohemian Ruby and handsome Julian are having a fabulous first date, but when Ruby wants him to go home with her, Julian surprises her with his sexual proclivities. He tries to manipulate her into fulfilling his fantasies, but Ruby gets the upper hand in the film’s hilarious climax.









Tinder Is The Night: Poor, dorky Eddie is excited about a hot first date, until it goes horribly wrong and leaves her stranded in a nightmare. Her three best friends try to help her navigate the tricky waters of online flirting to no avail. It takes a run-in with an ominous night terror for Eddie to understand that happiness starts with self-love.








The Jacket: Follows a reclusive man named Vincent on his strenuous journey to contact a woman he fell for after finding, what he believes, is her lost jacket.







Dory: A husband must protect his hypochondriac wife from the harsh truths of the world.





Thoughts of Love: Nigel and Iris go to a festival. But something is wrong with Nigel, because he has started to be in doubt of whether he is in love with his best friend or not. Iris gives him a hard time because she flirts with the eccentric guy, Keith. Nigel decides to run away to the ocean, to figure out what to do. When he comes back to the party his mind is clear, he will let Iris do what she wants. When she then starts to show interest in Nigel, he is again in doubt because is it worth risking their friendship?



That’s Life: Beth is having ‘one of those days’ where nothing is going right; she’s woken up in bed with one night stand, she can’t remember his name and she’s late for a new job. As things continue to go downhill an unexpected discovery and the return of a stolen item save the day.








Mike Holt 4 Ever: A world-weary waitress encounters her high school crush while visiting her hometown.










Collide: David is out with friends when his world is turned upside down by the sound of a car accident. They find a young woman who had been hit. As David gives her CPR, he is taken forward in time. The same woman meets him and tells him that they were supposed to be a part of each other’s lives. She proceeds to show him the life they could have lived together. Upon seeing this, David is excited to live such a life; however, she tells him it is only the life they were supposed to live. Now it is never going to happen. David does not want her to leave and holds on to her. She pleads for him to let her go so that she can move on from this life. David is left with the ultimate decision: hang on to the woman he has fallen for, or do as she wishes and let her go?